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Friday, July 17th

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Saturday, July 18th


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Do Less In This Wild World of Business

I’m trying my best to find a way for all of us overachieving, ambitious and motivated women to have the kind of lives and businesses we want, my talk will cover:

  • How to do less in a strategic way that helps you make more money in your business and have a bigger impact while reducing stress.
  • Cyclical Planning 101 and how to work with the innate blueprint for the abundance that our bodies, the cosmos, and the Earth have on offer for us.

Preparing for Stewardship

  • Key astrological alignments in the 2nd half of 2020 to plan for
  • How to navigate the Saturn in Aquarius transit (2021-2023)

Unconscious Bias Between Lines

  • What is hidden bias?
  • How hidden bias shows up in your life and business. 
  • How to give bias in your business a black eye.

Your Body as Your Guide

  • Through movement + stillness, connect your intention to your impact
  • A practice to align what feels like truth in your body with what you do and how you speak in your life, and your business. 

Prepare for this session with:

  • Dress comfortably and have water nearby.
  • Be set up with space to move.
  • Optional props – yoga mat, pillows, blankets, eye mask – whatever you might want for support, safety and comfort.

Sage Polaris


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