SAGE POLARIS' 8-Week Digital training

SAGE POLARIS' 8-Week Digital training

Work Less, Earn More
Digital Academy

New Year,
New Money Edition

Shave 15 to 20 hours off your work week AND focus on leveraging your most profitable revenue stream

This course is the perfect fit for client-based businesses: copywriters, web designers, FB ads managers and anyone else in the digital service provider role...



20 minute mentoring session with moi

24 hour bonus

5 Ways to Get Booked Solid + Cover the Cost of WLEM

Bonus Masterclass:

Confident Closers - Consistently Make Money + Book

Clients By Planning Your Private Client Launch Promos

PIF bonus

Pre-Legendary Hot Seat + Networking Session with Tarzan + Sage




Make Your Client Feel Like a VIP (+ Avoid Refunds)

Onboarding Email Script & Video Training! ($33 Value)


My year looked
like this…

52 Projects

19 Clients

I Took 4 Months Off

Now that I have your attention!

Let’s Talk About You.

You’re (more than) ready to work less, increase earnings and scale to your personal version of success.

But you’ve been told that you HAVE to create a course, pay for ads, and have a killer funnel to do it. 

Spoiler Alert:

You DON’T!

Here’s what most coaches wouldn’t dare tell you… 😱

By letting my business take care of me (not the other way around) and scaling my team as a service provider… 

I was able to take 4 months off and consistently double my revenue. 

Here’s the important part: my expenses are rarely more than 30% of my income. 

That includes a personal assistant, project manager, junior copywriter, bookkeeper, online business manager and designer. Plus, additional subcontractors as needed throughout the year.

Put simply, most coaches focus on paid traffic, courses and funnels. They’re not the only solution to scaling your business. Let’s crack open the conversations no one is having… about scaling private client work.

 I’m living proof there’s more than one way to slice the revenue pie. 

Scaling private client work may not sound

As Sexy as those

sleek sales funnels you hear about

If you’re like me, private client work has been the foundation for your success so far, right? You’ve created an incredible business out of nothing, and you’re NOT about to abandon what got you to where you are today! 

“But Sage, I’m running out of hours in the day for private client work. Doesn’t that mean it’s time to scale up to group programs, courses, funnels, and all that comes with it?” 

My answer is a resounding NO!

There’s no need to try to change your entire business model. You know what you’re doing — you just need help to get out of the employee mindset trap that’s got you questioning if you can work less and earn more.

How To Become a
Legendary Business Owner

instead of just
another fly-by-night freelancer

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with being a freelancer. Some of my best friends are freelancers 😉

But freelancers have a tendency to mimic the employee mindset, trading hours for dollars. Which is all well and good, until you start seeing that $100k mark coming up. You’re so close…but you’re rapidly running out of time. 

After all, you’re only one person. How do you hit — and blow past — your financial goals without cloning yourself? 

It’s shockingly easy. And no two strategies look exactly the same (…spoiler alert: it’s all about your personal profit sweet spots).

Lemme break it down for you in…


Work Less, Earn More

Digital AcaDemy

This is the only place to see the guts and glory of… 

How I let my business take care of me.

How I took 4 months off (that’s four FULL months off from private client work) and still manage to consistently have my best year ever. 

How I leveraged my systems, outsourced effectively, and integrated like a champ.   

Are Saying About
My Work Less, Earn More Mentoring!


I almost missed a $36K opportunity because I’ve been super reluctant to get support where it’s needed in my business. But Sage encouraged me to bring in a copywriter to help with the heavy lifting of my launch. 

This launch was not only way easier-breezier, but I added a last-minute cha-ching, cha-ching downsell I wouldn’t have had the bandwidth to do otherwise. THANK YOU, SAGE, YOU LEGEND!!!

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Tarzan Kay

Copywriter + Launch Strategist

I've cleared $35K in the past 6 weeks

So let me start by saying: I consider myself “good” at making money.

I’ve been bringing home the bacon in my biz for years. I’m also what you might call “multi-passionate”. I write, I coach, I work 1-1 with clients, I speak and teach at events…On the outside I had it all together. But inside I had a dirty little secret:

My systems were NOT on fleek.

Tracking? Spreadsheets? Workflows? Sure…I’ll get to it when I get to it, right?

I knew this lack of systems was costing me – time, money, energy, sanity, but I was so busy working, I didn’t know how much.

So I should probably tell you: with the templates and systems I used in WLEM, I’ve been able to take more time off than ever, plan my dang wedding, run my courses and programs, travel teaching the masses (sometimes in a crazy tight time frame) AND keep my customers experiencing first class service.

Seriously I just checked my reports, and I’ve cleared $35k in the past 6 weeks alone. How’s THAT for killer ROI?

Thank you again Sarah – not for only saving my butt, but for saving my soul. WLEM rocks!

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Hillary Weiss

Founder of Statement Piece Studio, Consultant, Copywriter, and Creative Director

If your client flow feels out of control...
and you'd have to move your nose out of the way to get closer to your grindstone right now.
Do me a solid.

Breathe first, keep scrolling second.




It gives you the inside scoop on what you need to stop working your booty off and make even more money with…

Wanna break it down even more?

Grab a matcha latte, let's dig in.

Total Value of Training: $1576


20 Minute Mentoring Session with Sage

Webinar-Only Bonus
For Action Takers & Doers ($333 Value)

Expires Friday, October 11 at 11:30 am Pacific

I know for a fact: the people who show up for the webinar are going to be one of my next, most successful case studies! Y’all are the action takers and the doers, the ones who are going to implement and integrate like whoa. 

And to kickstart your success, I’m offering a 20 minute private one-on-one session with me. You’ll get my eyes on your business. 

Just click “Sign Me Up” and then email me your purchase receipt (hello [at] sagepolaris.com)! Any bonus coaching calls must be claimed before December 31st, 2019.


Make Your Client Feel Like a VIP (+ Avoid Refunds)

Onboarding Email Script & Video Training! ($33 Value)

Expires Saturday, October 12 at 9 Pm Pacific

This  “New VIP Client Onboarding Template” lays out the email script that makes new clients feel like a total VIP for saying yes to your project. 

Plus, I’ll include the email guaranteed to stop any panic-inducing client responses to the first draft so you can have a productive conversation from the start.

Starting your project off with ease has a domino effect on the entire project running smoothly, and this template will have you breathing a big ol’ sigh of relief. 

BONUS #1: Work Less, Earn More Starter Kit ($197 Value)

You get access to the templates that my Virtual Administrator and I use on the daily to scale private client work. I paid my team 10X more than this offer to develop and maintain these for me. But it’s all yours — for free!

Kick up your feet and press play on the 10-minute walk-through training.
Then swipe my templates and put them in your Google Drive template gallery (I’ll show you how in the video).


Bonus #2: Close $10k Projects Without A Sales Call Masterclass ($197 Value)

Lemme roll out the red carpet for you and share my client-closing tools with this mind blowing masterclass designed to get you closing those big deals you’re ready for — without a sales call. They’re the perfect strategic way to blow your soon-to-be client’s mind. 

From my personalized slide deck to my email templates, I’ll screen share during the video training and you’ll be implementing these for your own biz in no time flat. 

You’ll walk away ready to confidently close your next $10k+ client on the spot. 

PAY IN FULL BONUS: Legendary 2020 Life Event in San Diego $497 Value

Totally optional to attend


What happened at the last Legendary event- at our over-the-top-gorgeous hotel with a million dollar view?

I went deep and gave insights into the back end of my business, my absolute favorite part of teaching at live events. 

It was an out-of-this-world experience that bonded the entire group for life! 

Because being in the room face-to-face with people is irreplaceable. You just can’t create that same level of magic over Zoom, IG or Facebook. 

You’re highly likely to breakdown & breakthrough at some point during this 3-day event.

You’ll walk away with at least one revolutionary idea that completely lights you up and has the power to transform your business.

This event, co-hosted with the Legendary launch strategist Tarzan Kay, addresses the mental and spiritual side of business we don’t get to cover in the Academy. It’s not just business-changing, it’s life-altering (though attendance is totally optional— usually about 60% of the Academy students attend).

Super Secret Side Bonus of the Digital Academy (Shhh… you might want to lean in for this!)


Inside this private Facebook group, you can fire away with your questions, and get Sage’s eyes on your business + the brain trust of the best group on the planet (#humblebrag 😉)! 

If you’re interested in having me show you how to not just sell but also close high-end consulting and service provider projects then, I’d LOVE to answer your questions directly on the bonus Q + A call.

Plus, this group is the perfect place to get in on the ground floor and build real relationships with marketers who might invite you to be a guest on their podcast, speak at their events or teach at their retreats (all of these things have happened to me). 

There’s nothing I love more than being the catalyst to legit, lifetime relationships in the group. I like to think of the Work Less, Earn More Digital Academy and our exclusive private Facebook group as feeding two birds with one seed. 

You get the necessary business education to scale your profit sweet spots while turning up the volume on your visibility as a digital service provider for hire.

unnamed (1)


Sage’s consulting session was a godsend. I’m not a launch copywriter, so when I got a launch lead… I had no idea what to say on our calls.

I also knew I was looking at a $10k+ project and just thinking about that made my heart pound. Sage not only gave me the exact tool I needed to close, she also walked me through exactly how to use it and how to sell big projects like this one.   

She taught me everything I didn’t know but needed for the call to succeed. (Plus, she was incredibly reassuring and helped me get out of “nervous wreck” territory.)   

My prospect was so impressed that shortly thereafter he referred a new lead to me. He directly mentioned my strategy roadmap as a reason this new lead should reach out to me.

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Katie Thies


Jenn Robbins

Working with Sage changed my business – and my life – forever.

I learned so much working with Sage! Even though I had years of copywriting experience, I felt unsure about the best systems and practices – and, like many a copywriter, had a nasty case of imposter syndrome.
Before I started working with Sage, I never cleared $50k a year. But I’m on track for my first $100k year! Not to mention the entire mindset shift I’ve experienced, too.

Read more

Jenn Robbins

Conversion Copywriter

Work Less, Earn More Students "Test and Apply" GUARANTEE

These proven Work Less, Earn More methods have been tested over the last 7 years and 350 client projects. They work and they’ll take your online business to the next level, based on the specific stage of business you’re at now.

I guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your results if you do the work. If you have any technical difficulties that impede your experience, I will apply an equivalent credit toward your purchase of any of my other services if you notify my team within 7 days of purchase date.

This training is for action-driven business owners who are committed to implementation. What I don’t want this to be is another piece of info to collect dust on your digital bookshelf.

The Work Less, Earn More Digital Academy is primed and ready to be enjoyed all year long. Once you sign, you will have lifetime access to the resources. 

My goal for you is to win online with this training. For you to know how to shave 15 to 20 hours off your work week and focus on your most profitable revenue stream.

This is the only place to get my exclusive bonuses
+ the entire digital academy (valued at $2833).

Your Investment

3 payments of $549

  • Access To All 8 Trainings + Bonuses
  • Close $10k Projects Without A Sales Call Live Masterclass
  • Access To My Personal Template Swipe Files
  • Private Facebook Group 24/7/365

Single payment of $1500

  • Access To All 8 Trainings + Bonuses
  • Close $10k Projects Without A Sales Call Live Masterclass
  • Access To My Personal Template Swipe Files
  • Private Facebook Group 24/7/365
  • PAY IN FULL BONUS: FREE Legendary Life Event 2020 Ticket

Got More Q ’s?

It’s cool, I’ve got answers for ya. Leggo!

Great question! You’ll get access to me through the Rising Influencer Facebook group, including weekly Facebook Lives. But the only people who are going to get one-on-one time are those who buy during the webinar! 

Because I know for a fact that people who showed up for the webinar are the ones who will get so much out of our time together! The action takers and the doers who buy on the webinar get a 20 minute private one-on-one session with my eyes on their business.

The beauty of the Work Less, Earn More Digital Academy is that you don’t have to finish each lesson after the first one! So yes, while I created the digital trainings to go in a certain order… you don’t have to keep up with the speed of the group or fully implement one digital training to move to the next. 

It’s all about making it work for YOU. Except for that first training about money, no skipping that one allowed — you have to get your focus in the right place first.

This Digital Academy was created for copywriters, web designers, FB ads managers and anyone else in the digital service provider role that is at or near six figures. Your business does need to be bringing money in every month to truly take advantage of what you’ll learn here. 

If you’re ready to really invest in your business AND you’re ready to implement what you learn, YES. If you’re business is already making money, these strategies will help you make more money in less time. So the real question is: what’s the cost of not investing?

Not when you have my knowledge on your side! No guarantees, but with my signature optimization strategy you can expect to take more time off and have systems in place to more than cover the cost of this course. 


I’m not one to hold back

Here’s a taste of the systems and what you’ll learn inside the Academy.
This is my *not-so-secret* shorthand of how I took 4 months off even though my business completed 52 projects:

If you're reading this and your face is more lit up than this kid.

You’re more than ready to take a vacation without your laptop *gasp* 


PS – You in? OK, I won’t make you scroll up again ; )

This is the only place to get my exclusive bonuses
+ the entire digital academy (valued at $2833).

Your Investment

3 payments of $549

  • Access To All 8 Trainings + Bonuses
  • Close $10k Projects Without A Sales Call Live Masterclass
  • Access To My Personal Template Swipe Files
  • Private Facebook Group 24/7/365

Single payment of $1500

  • Access To All 8 Trainings + Bonuses
  • Close $10k Projects Without A Sales Call Live Masterclass
  • Access To My Personal Template Swipe Files
  • Private Facebook Group 24/7/365
  • PAY IN FULL BONUS: FREE Legendary Life Event 2020 Ticket

WLEM will teach you the systems and mindset shifts required to help you rise to CEO status

The impact Work Less, Earn More had on my life and business has been a slow-burn in the best way possible. Before WLEM, I was a hot mess constantly burdened by the weight of unrealistic deadlines, late nights, early mornings, and a chronic case of “yes woman” syndrome. 6 months after WLEM and I can confidently report back that I am officially working less and earning WAY more 😎

Since joining the program and implementing Sage’s SAGE advice, I’ve found myself padding my projects with a lot more space for sanity, taking more vacations, and really giving myself permission to completely disconnect. I had a fully unplugged 1-week getaway this summer which I don’t think would’ve been possible without the systems Sage teaches in this program.

If you’re a high-achiever managing client projects, your own business, a team, a family, and well… a LIFE — WLEM will teach you the systems and mindset shifts required to help you rise to CEO status instead of crumbling from the stress of it all. I still find myself asking “what would Sage do?” when faced with decisions in my business that in the past would’ve caused a lot of strain.

Chantelle Zakariasen

Copywriter and funnel strategist



Sage is an absolute ROLE MODEL! Being in her orbit empowered me to charge high-end fees and EASILY close 10K to 20K projects. Every time I speak with her she gives me a shift in perception that leads to more money, more alignment and more JOY in my business.   

If you want to earn more money (and you’re struggling to close those bigger packages – or *GASP* currently don’t even have bigger packages), BOOK HER NOW and make back your money within days or weeks. I’m not kidding you!

Merel Kriegsman

White Glove Copywriter (or black leather, whatever you prefer)

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